Congratulations Frazer!

June 26, 2009

Well done to Victoria member Frazer Follis on his election as the new Glenavon FC treasurer.

He replaced Ian Irwin following the club’s AGM on Thursday night which Victoria shareholders attended. Ian moves into a new Commercial Director’s role which has been created.

For the record the following were elected to the parent club’s Board of Directors:

Adrian Teer (Chairman); Hubert Watson (Vice Chairman), Frazer Follis (Treasurer), Ian Irwin (Commercial Director), George Swift (Reserve and Youth League representative), Eddie Drury (Mid Ulster FA representative), Trevor Harper, Stevie Campbell.

George Savage stood down due to work committments.

Buckfast Express 2009-10 tour starts here!

June 24, 2009

The Victoria GSC will run their annual bus to Bangor on Tuesday July 14, leaving the Mourne Road at 9.30am. Please note this earlier than usual departure time.

Meanwhile the club may run a bus to the pre-season friendly against Dunmurry Rec on Saturday July 11 (kick off 1pm). The bus would stay for an hour after the game and should return for around 6pm, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the evening’s festivities.

If you are interested in travelling to Dunmurry leave a comment below or speak to any committee member.

New fundraising initiative

June 24, 2009

The club is introducing a new initiative to raise funds for both itself and it’s charity for the year, the Ceara school – and you could benefit from it as well.

From the Dunmurry Rec friendly we will be selling football scratchcards. Here’s how it works:

There’s 50 teams on each card, you buy a team at £1 and once all 50 teams on the card have been bought a panel at the top of the card is scratched off to reveal the name of the winning team. It’s as simple as that.

The winner will receive a whopping £20* with the rest of the money from the card being divided between the club and Ceara.

And not only that, but if you wish to take one and make money for the club and charity you can – why not take one and sell it amongst your friends and family?

We have 100 cards, meaning that if we get them all sold we will raise at least £3,000 in total so please get involved in this worthwhile initiative.

*Prize may change.

Club nights

June 24, 2009
Have you an idea for a night in the Victoria?

Have you an idea for a night in the Victoria?

The Victoria GSC are looking at the possibility of holding various club nights each month.

Have you got an idea for what we could do in the club? What about ‘Steeler’s Teasers – The Live Quiz’? Or ‘An Audience With Paul Carvill’ on karaoke?

Go on, think to yourself – what would Brian Potter do? If you have any suggestions leave feedback below or speak to any committee member.

Child Protection Policy

June 16, 2009

The Victoria Glenavon Supporters Club is committed to safeguarding the safety of all members who travel on our buses, especially our younger members.

To this effect the club has drafted a Child Protection Policy which will be strictly adhered to by all members. Children and their parents will be expected to sign a copy of this before they can become a member of the club.

This year’s Dues Secretary, Leigh Stewart, will be handing these out but if you want to be ahead of the game you can download copies of the files here – print them out, sign them and bring them with you to your first game.

To download a copy click here, click on each filename and then on ‘Click here to start download’. Apologies for the annoying pop-ups!

Club dues 2009-10

June 14, 2009

At Friday night’s AGM it was decided to make changes to the dues structure for the forthcoming 2009-10 season.

Anyone aged 18 and over will now pay a £10 joining fee plus £2.50 dues per week.

Members aged between the ages of 11-17 will now pay a £10 joining fee and £2 every time they travel on an away trip.

Members aged 18 and still in full time education will qualify for the above structure.

Children under the age of 11 will continue to pay a £10 joining fee.

All members are asked to take note of these changes for the forthcoming season. This is due to the increasing cost of the buses to away games.

Club AGM

June 13, 2009

The Victoria GSC held their AGM on Friday June 12 at 7pm at their clubroom at Mourneview Park.

The new office bearers and committee members were elected as follows:

Chairman: Michael Scott

Vice Chairman: Paul Dalzell

Treasurer: Kenny McCleary

Secretary: Craig Stewart

Committee members: Brian Anderson, Alistair Carson, Pauline Dalzell.

The new chairman would like to place on record his thanks to the outgoing chairperson, Leigh Stewart, for her sterling efforts during her two years in office.